Day Camp Management

  • Member of the ACQ (Quebec Camp Association);
  • Camp Counsellor Training Program (DAFA);
  • Camp Development in rural areas;
  • Program supporting children with special needs;

You can choose from three different types of services:

  1. turn key project
  2. Complementary activities in addition to your regular programming
  3. Management of material and human resources

We fully take on the activities coordination. We also integrate everything from the financial and human resources to the equipment managing.

Financial Resources Management :

  • Registration fees perception
  • Dealing directly with the citizens regarding registration, modifications or refunds
  • Conceiving, printing and distribution of the summer flyer or brochure
  • Insurance Responsibility: 5 millions
  • Send out of R-24 (income tax receipt)
  • Online registration site for the citizens
  • “End of summer Party” Special event
  • Outings and buses reservation

Equipment Management :

We include all the equipment for every activity

  • Day care equipment
  • Thematic Camp equipment
  • Special events equipment (inflatable games, fun fair games, clowns, make-up artists)

Human resources Management :

  • Recruiting, selection and hiring of all the employees
  • Training and evaluation of the staff
  • Pay management (T-4, CSST)
  • Client survey