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We touch over 20 cities in the greater montreal region and over 30 000 children every summer. AES come with animators fully trained, specialized staff and equipment.

Staff training  :

It is essentiel to have a solid plan of training to ensure that each staff member  understands his role. We follow the new trends in training for day camps. This is why we have decided to follow the DAFA training, we have two qualified trainers in our regular staff.


We always have one training for the supervisors of the day camps and a second training for all the animators that covers everything about children.


First of all, we try to make the job description of each staff member as comprehensible as possible. We give a lot of importance to our code of ethic since we expect our staff members to represent us in a professional et respectful way towards the children and parents.


Furthermore, the aspect of teamwork and communication are brought into account in the training of our staff.


Finally, our staff learns about children`s psychology and are given different tricks on the discipline and different ways to intervene towards children. We also give guidance to avoid embarrassing  situations and on the relationship of an animator with a child. We also give a lot of importance towards the health and security and risk management.

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